Bringing hope and friendship to those in need

Welcome to Accord Outreach – Our home for the homeless.

Imagine a life without family or friends. A life with no one to share your dreams, hopes, difficulties or despair.

This is the unfortunate and often neglected state of the homeless or the socially disconnected. Over time, homelessness puts people at risk for mental conditions, social disorders and physical well-being.

However, this can change when people with open hearts reach out and show interest. The difference it makes is enormous! Accord Outreach is an organisation dedicated to the hope of ensuring no one stands alone. Whatever the circumstances, we strive to ensure a connection to the community. 

Accord Outreach’s mission is to reach the homeless, the lonely, the socially isolated and those in need. To offer friendship, provide for their physical needs and wellbeing and bring a brighter future.

“Our mission is to deliver companionship and unconditional acceptance to those going through challenging times with a friendly smile and a warm cuppa.”

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