School Programs

Student Engagement

At accord Outreach, we recognise the great possibilities of engaging with youth and students. 

Our education, training and awareness play a crucial role in both the prevention of future isolated members as well as giving them a purpose in volunteering for the program. 
If you think your school or group can help please contact us today.

Under 16 Students

School participation plays a vital role in our overall mission.
Many school students and teachers partner with us to support our street engagement activities.

Acord Outreach will visit many schools promoting our work and mission and encouraging schools to run a fundraising activity to support our volunteers and street Guests.

High School Students

High School students, predominantly from Year 12, are afforded the opportunity to experience real live street outreach and how the giving of fellowship creates a distinction for individuals.

Post outreach, the pupils are then given the chance to communicate their experience to other students.

We have found this experience to be as rewarding to the participating student as it is to those hearing of their experience. It encourages them to the possibilities of helping others.